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Airplane Above the Clouds
By AWARD-WINNING Author Valiant Ray

Life Lessons from the Sky


Coming Soon!!

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

A Tree Party Book Project

Our Mission

Sharing a beautifully illustrated book filled with hope and truth to children around the world.


This story is beautifully constructed with a very clear message to those who read it and understand the value of truth and the fulfilment of life.

Charlie Ward

A great message and a greater cause!


Very intriguing!

Makes you think.  Everyone should take the time to listen. Very well written.

A. Clinton

In The Press



Valiant Ray became a published author at 17 years old.  She wrote a children’s fairy tale called “A Tree Party”.  It has been enjoyed by children and adults around the world.  She has been featured on international talk shows.  “A Tree Party” book was dedicated as her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. All proceeds from “A Tree Party book benefit children at children’s homes and orphanages around the world. Valiant Ray has achieved her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award in Girl Scouts.  


Valiant has a passion for writing “Books with a Purpose”.  She wants to teach and show others how storytelling can change lives and inspire people of all ages. In addition to her passion of writing, she loves flying and the great outdoors. 

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