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Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions
  1. Must have experienced the life lesson in the Cockpit.

  2. Choose one of your own true stories to share.

  3. Write your short story in PDF file form.

  4. Please title your story.

  5. Please identify the life lesson learned.

  6. Please share what aircraft you were flying.

  7. Optional: Submit a voice recording telling your story.

  8. Optional: Submit up to 5 photos that help support your


  9. Read and fill out the submission form.

  10. Upload attachments.

  11. Press Submit!


Story Example:


Title: Clear Skies Ahead


Flying was my dream, and I couldn’t wait to have my Private Pilots Certification. My Grandpa was a Pilot and hearing his stories of flying growing up made me fall in love with the sky. At the age of 15, I had my first discovery flight. It was amazing! After that, I worked my way to flight school. I always wondered what it would be like to fly solo and that day finally arrived. I was so excited yet a little nervous though. Finally, I was up in the sky in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly, an unexpected turbulence started during my solo flight. I was very nervous since this was my first-time flying solo and I had no one to turn to for advice. I had to take a deep breath. Instead of panicking, I remembered my training, stayed calm, and successfully navigated through the challenges. When I landed, the feeling of happiness and accomplishment overcame me. I completed my solo flight and received my Certificate.


The life lesson I learned: Stay composed in the face of adversity and you can overcome any obstacle.

Julie Private Pilot Age, 25

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